About the Book
Unbelievable History pokes fun at the idea that history is relative by having a team of historians assisted by a time traveler assemble an epic revisionist history of the world. While all 11 historians are convinced that they are assembling the most accurate history possible, their various biases lead to an even worse understanding of the past than they had going in.

Steven and Jess were inspired to write this after they wrote a long, rambling account of the U.S. civil war that had more product placement in it than accuracy. While that story was not remotely readable, it inspired us to examine the entirety of human experience with that approach.

About the Authors

Jess Whitson

Jess was born in San Bernadino, California and has lived in Springfield, Missouri for all of his adult life. Because of his early indoctrination into Missouri culture, he is constantly showing people stuff. And he knows how to fashion any hunk of limestone into any implement imaginable or even concievable. He lives with his wife in some kind of karst dwelling like most people in the Ozarks. Jess got a Philosophy B.A. which means he can be a philosophical counselor. Since most people don’t like philosophers giving advice, he instead decided to write the best book ever—Unbelievable History with his pal Steven.

Steven Olsen

Steven grew up in the college town of Springfield, Missouri where he met his best friend and writing partner, Jess. Steven spends his time assisting local atheist groups, talking about Portland, Oregon incessantly and playing video games with his wife, Nola. When he’s not writing books, he love to read them and spends far too much money at Powell’s.

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