Gertude Hamm, Herstorian

The job of a herstorian is to show you the importance of the better sex in shaping herstory. It is taken as a given that women are underrepresented in “his-story” books. What is not well understood is the need to purge the XY chromosome from huwomanity, starting with our record of past events–our herstory.

Not only do men need to be purged, but women who are weak and allow themselves to be subjugated must be purged as well. Just remember that herstorians like me don’t only think the world belongs to women–it also belongs to girls, lesbians, bitches and many other XX carriers–and maybe even some XY carriers who fortunately missed their testosterone bath in the womb.

It has been claimed that my hatred toward men has made me bitter, cynical, and possibly biased against men when evaluating herstorical facts. These critics are clearly patriarchs hiding behind a glass ceiling…or perhaps some sort of glass door with a glass deadbolt on it.

Mys. Hamm got her master’s degree in Aborting Male Fetuses from Utero University, and she got her Ph.D. in Only Women Studies from Female Supremacist University. Her dissertation is famous for its controversial title, “Why All Men Aren’t Just Pigs, But Rapist Pigs.”

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