Helen Spencer, Syllogistorian

History is predicated on one major assumption: that God does not exist and is ontologically invalid. And boy is history right! I’ve looked at history as empirically as I can, and I do not see some Prime History from which all history comes from. Also, I am very skeptical of these a priori claims that a Perfect Divine History must exist just because we have the Concept of a Perfect History.  

A lot of people disagree about my position about God and believe that qualia point to a God, but how do they explain my qualia of not-God?  Qualia, for those of you who don’t know, are boring qualitative experiences, like an odor, color, or taste.  

Spencer’s works include “Why History is Great Without God,” “The History Delusion,” and “The End of Faith-Based History.” Spencer got her Ph.D. in Philosophy overseas from the country of Logistan at P Implies Q University.

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