Jericho Cannon, Scientohistorian

I am an oddity among scientists, as I am the last religious scientist. The Bible is a tricky book though, as it seems to contradict reality as science explains it. In order to reconcile my infallible faith with my perfect science, I reinterpreted the Bible with scientific explanations in place of supernaturalism. Problem solved! I totally did not rip off Baruch Spinoza’s philosophical analysis of the Bible, by the way. I don’t know who that guy is or how I even knew his name. I am a fundamentalist, and believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, but I am also a scientist, and I know that miracle stuff can’t be measured with beakers.

I suppose that like Stephen Hawking and Johannes Kepler, I want to know the mind of God. This is why I’ve taken so many learning annex courses on telepathy. Sure, telepathy may not be scientific, but neither is God, so it must be ok.

Jericho Cannon received his Ph.D. in Biology from Oxford and has honorary degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Rockology from MIT, Yale and Phoenix University, respectively. His first book, “The Clockwork Mind of Gods and Rocks” went triple platinum.

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