John Titor, Time Traveler

In the future we have finally perfected time travel and have begun using it to do two very important things: 1) Hunt dinosaurs and 2) Accurately map history.

Our method of history is so much better than you filthy primitives’ version. Look at all that exhaustive research, archaeology, and complicated analysis you put into one minor event like World War 2. It was all a waste of time since I came here to your present time to allow your historians to get it right for once. Jeez, what’s wrong with you people if you haven’t invented time travel yet?

It’s lucky for you present-dwellers that Skip Tallwaters approached me to do this with a big bag of money, or I wouldn’t have bothered helping you. You plebians should be grateful to have me around.

John Titor first gained notoriety as a hero in the Second American Civil War in his timeline. In his spare time, Titor enjoys repeatedly executing Hitler and altering the course of history.

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