Louis Leroux, Frenchitorian

Vive le France!  Sacrebleu, American swine! You guys are responsible for most evils of this world, but not as much as the fuckin’ British. Oui, I know they created the Industrial Revolution, but we French put the Revolution in that, mes amis. Of all the revoluting nations, none can revolute like France. We have at least 15 revolutings per month. We only elect leaders on the platform of being deposed and executed by the mob.

Many of my readers want me to write about the evils of the Germans. But they are nothing but easily beguiled, barbarian, sauerkraut-eaters! I must focus on the real enemy: America.
Vive la France! Vive la France!

Louis Leroux is a graduate of Croissant University, where he majored in Baguettes, Escargot, and Cigarettes. He was born in France, which has a vibrant culture centered on the dancing of naked women. In between writing history, Leroux is usually involved in Le Festival of Setting Fire to Cars and Turning Them Over. Leroux is currently engrossed in making a genealogical map of Sarkozy, as he is trying to figure out why he is so evil and deserves to be put to the guillotine.    

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