Shigeru Nishi, Racistorian

I have been Japan’s minister of propaganda since 1934, and have dedicated my life to chronicling the lives of Axis leaders. Many of the existing history books regarding the Nazis, Hirohito and Hitler have a disturbing anti-evil bias that should be addressed in the name of academic freedom.

The European Union has accused me of Holocaust denial, but I don’t deny the Holocaust. “Holocaust” is Latin for “whole burn.” I think a whole 6,000 Jews got burned by some other more sinister Jews, and not the evil Nazis. I definitely deny any claim of Japanese war crimes though, as the Japanese are a pure race with pure intentions.

Shigeru specializes in the fields of Race Theory IQ Bell Curves, Results from Mengele’s Twin Experiments, Final Solution Techniques, and wrote the epic book, Shinmin no Michi which served to rally the Japanese against the oppressive allied forces in WWII. Professor Nishi’s hobbies involve spending time with his friends in Brazil, avoiding the Chinese government, and fact-checking Holocaust museums.

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